Nightstone is a village to the south end of the region known as the Sword Coast along the High Road between Waterdeep and Daggerford.  It sits on the edge of Ardeep Forest, historically a popular hunting ground of Waterdhavian nobles. 

It is a walled village built on two rocks in the middle of the river.  The larger island contains the village, the second, higher island holds the keep.  The Nandar family built the village as a hunting lodge around 1280 DR, but abandoned it until around 1475 DR when they returned.  Lord Drezlin Nandar was killed by elves defending their home from his hunting parties in 1485 DR, and Lady Velrosa Nandar, his wife, was killed when the cloud giants attacked in Mirtul 1486 DR.

Nightstone got its name from a massive chunk of obsidian that once stood in the middle of the village square.  The obsidian megalith had strange glyphs carved into it and radiated magic under the scrutiny of detect magic spells, but its properties and purpose were never ascertained.  The villagers assumed it was a relic of some bygone age or kingdom and left it alone.

In early Mirtul 1486 DR, mysterious cloud giants attacked the village, killing the Lady of the keep and many of its residents.  Heroes drove off the goblin looters and rescued the surviving villagers from goblins lairing in the Dripping Caves.


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