Storm King's Thunder

The Sunless Citadel

7 Mirtul, 1486 DR

The fearless party, armed with a bag of feed-rats and deep underground in the Sunless Citadel began their assault on the goblin contingent in earnest.  They killed the hobgoblin masters, then proceeded to clear out the goblin underlings.  In the process, they came across the prison of the blue wyrmling Calcryx, and released him.  Unfortunately, the dragon was able to kill his former taskmaster, Meepo, before the party could stop him.  We assume the party would have tried, but we'll never know.

The party also released a gnome that went by the name Erky Timbers.  He spoke draconic, so was able to act as a mediator between the party and Calcryx.

But in exploring the goblin side of the Sunless Citadel, the party has yet to find half of the people they set out for.  The goblins admitted to killing Talgen, and indeed the leader bore his ring and armour.  The party also found the remains of Karakos the ranger.  But what of Sir Braford and Sharwyn the young woman they set out to find?  And who is this Belak the goblins spoke of?  Why does he want all the human prisoners delivered below?

Perhaps descending into the well below the Citadel will answer these questions.  Allied now with a blue dragon wyrmling, perhaps the party can learn the answer to these questions and get the next clue in the puzzle of finding the tiefling Brash.



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