Storm King's Thunder

The Sunless Citadel
7 Mirtul, 1486 DR

The fearless party, armed with a bag of feed-rats and deep underground in the Sunless Citadel began their assault on the goblin contingent in earnest.  They killed the hobgoblin masters, then proceeded to clear out the goblin underlings.  In the process, they came across the prison of the blue wyrmling Calcryx, and released him.  Unfortunately, the dragon was able to kill his former taskmaster, Meepo, before the party could stop him.  We assume the party would have tried, but we'll never know.

The party also released a gnome that went by the name Erky Timbers.  He spoke draconic, so was able to act as a mediator between the party and Calcryx.

But in exploring the goblin side of the Sunless Citadel, the party has yet to find half of the people they set out for.  The goblins admitted to killing Talgen, and indeed the leader bore his ring and armour.  The party also found the remains of Karakos the ranger.  But what of Sir Braford and Sharwyn the young woman they set out to find?  And who is this Belak the goblins spoke of?  Why does he want all the human prisoners delivered below?

Perhaps descending into the well below the Citadel will answer these questions.  Allied now with a blue dragon wyrmling, perhaps the party can learn the answer to these questions and get the next clue in the puzzle of finding the tiefling Brash.

The Tower of Zephyros and Goldenfields
4-7 Mirtul, 1486 DR

Almost immediately upon departing Nightstone for Goldenfields, the party was approached by a strange wizard tower floating on a cloud hundreds of feet above the ground.  Not strange enough?  Okay, the wizard tower was wearing a wizard hat.

As the party ascended the cloud staircase that extended to the ground (horses and all) they realized the tower was giant-sized.  It was the giant-sized cloud wizard tower of a cloud giant wizard named Zephyros

Zephyros was a little eccentric, but after conversing with him, the reason was clear.  He had been communing with other planes, but for good reason.

It turns out that the high giant god Annam has recently broke The Ordning, which is what the giants refer to the strict heirarchy that defines their place in giant society.  Zephyros was trying to find out more information on the subject.  But contacting other planes is dangerous, even for a powerful wizard, and he has paid the price.

What he did learn from beings on the other side was that a party of adventurers in Nightstone are very important to the story, and that they need help.  Zephyros decided to do his part, step in and deliver them to where they were going.  This turned out to be Goldenfields,

The three day journey was interrupted only by a visit from some followers of Yan-C-Bin who refered to themselves as the Howling Hatred.  They were interested in recruiting Zephyros, but he wasn't having it.

When the party finally arrived in Goldenfields, they found Miros and told him the news of his parents.  He allowed them to keep the tressym and pointed them in the direction of Sharwyn, a local young woman and wizard who recently disappeared with her brother Talgen, a paladin who recently came through named Sir Braford and a local ranger named Karakas.  The party set out to the Sunless Citadel to find them.

Once there, they; found a tribe of kobolds had set up a lair there, and their dragon-keeper Meepo had lost the clan's wyrmling Calcryx.  The party agreed to a quest put forward by Yusdrayl to recover the wyrmling from the goblins who shared the fortress with the kobolds.

The Seven Snakes
2-4 Mirtul, 1486 DR

As the party prepared to travel to the Dripping Caves, a group of bandits arrived in town looking for someone named Kella.  The leader identified himself as Xolkin, his band as the Seven Snakes and demanded her release. 

After a short conflict that was initiated by Poogugh hurling a goblin corpse over the wall while shouting "Is this your girlfriend?" and was ended when all the bandits but Xolkin were killed, Kella emerged from the hastily-searched inn.  Xolkin thanked the party for sparing him, and recommended they look up The Snail in Daggerford.  Apparently Xolkin, Kella, and The Snail are all part of an organization known as The Zhentarim

The party slept to recover themselves, and the next day made their way to the Dripping Caves.  After a short combat that saw the deaths of many goblins and two ogres, the party was brought before Boss Hark, who negotiated the release of the townsfolk. 

One of the town leaders, a dwarf named Morak told the party that the tressym they found belonged to an elderly couple the Xelbrins.  They have a son in Goldenfields named Miros that may be able to help them track down Brash.  Unfortunately, the town could offer no more in the way of a reward.

With that, it was off to Goldenfields.

A Great Upheaval
1 Mirtul, 1486 DR

The party arrives in the village of Nightstone to find it decimated by boulders and infested with goblins.  The party kills a number of the goblin intruders, and captures one named Pojo.  They also repair the bridge to the town keep and find four guards there, mourning the loss of Lady Nandar and contemplating their next move.

Apparently a cloud castle of cloud giants arrived a few days prior, pummeling the town with boulders from above.  When the townspeople ran, the cloud giants descended, taking the obsidian obelisk that gave the town its name.  The guards were trapped in the keep, the bridge having been destroyed, but they guessed the townsfolk evacuated to the Dripping Caves, about a mile north of Nightstone.  The goblins arrived shortly after to ransack the empty village.

The party decided it was worth it to use Pojo to lead them to the Dripping Caves, which he claimed the goblins have taken as their lair.  Perhaps there was a reward in it for the heroes?

A Great Leap Forward

Our intrepid….let's say heroes for lack of a better word….woke up in a cave alone and naked.  While this wasn't anything new for Khumon and Poogugh, it struck the others, Lusha and Manadewyn especially, as an odd way to begin the day.  Confusion reigned until Bronmere found a magically recorded message from Nuvruil that explained things.

See, Nuvruil had been the party's patron in Waterdeep.  They hadn't asked many questions about the odds and ends they'd collected for him because, frankly, he bored them and paid on time.  In the end, they probably should have asked more questions.

It turns out, Nuvruil was actually a tiefling wizard named Brash, and was quite evil.  While he didn't explain the full extent of his plan, he did reveal the party had been sent through a portal.  To where?  He wasn't sure.  He only knew it would but them out of his way.  He mentioned nothing of arriving in the nude.

Fortunately, the party wound up in a cave with ample supplies.  After arming themselves, they set out to find out where they landed.  As it turned out, that landing spot was not far from Waterdeep.  Being hungry, tired and a little hung over, though, the party decided walking several days back home was beyond them. 

A signpost indicated Nightstone was only ten miles away.  They decided that was much preferable.


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