Storm King's Thunder

A Great Leap Forward

Our intrepid….let's say heroes for lack of a better word….woke up in a cave alone and naked.  While this wasn't anything new for Khumon and Poogugh, it struck the others, Lusha and Manadewyn especially, as an odd way to begin the day.  Confusion reigned until Bronmere found a magically recorded message from Nuvruil that explained things.

See, Nuvruil had been the party's patron in Waterdeep.  They hadn't asked many questions about the odds and ends they'd collected for him because, frankly, he bored them and paid on time.  In the end, they probably should have asked more questions.

It turns out, Nuvruil was actually a tiefling wizard named Brash, and was quite evil.  While he didn't explain the full extent of his plan, he did reveal the party had been sent through a portal.  To where?  He wasn't sure.  He only knew it would but them out of his way.  He mentioned nothing of arriving in the nude.

Fortunately, the party wound up in a cave with ample supplies.  After arming themselves, they set out to find out where they landed.  As it turned out, that landing spot was not far from Waterdeep.  Being hungry, tired and a little hung over, though, the party decided walking several days back home was beyond them. 

A signpost indicated Nightstone was only ten miles away.  They decided that was much preferable.


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