Storm King's Thunder

The Seven Snakes

2-4 Mirtul, 1486 DR

As the party prepared to travel to the Dripping Caves, a group of bandits arrived in town looking for someone named Kella.  The leader identified himself as Xolkin, his band as the Seven Snakes and demanded her release. 

After a short conflict that was initiated by Poogugh hurling a goblin corpse over the wall while shouting "Is this your girlfriend?" and was ended when all the bandits but Xolkin were killed, Kella emerged from the hastily-searched inn.  Xolkin thanked the party for sparing him, and recommended they look up The Snail in Daggerford.  Apparently Xolkin, Kella, and The Snail are all part of an organization known as The Zhentarim

The party slept to recover themselves, and the next day made their way to the Dripping Caves.  After a short combat that saw the deaths of many goblins and two ogres, the party was brought before Boss Hark, who negotiated the release of the townsfolk. 

One of the town leaders, a dwarf named Morak told the party that the tressym they found belonged to an elderly couple the Xelbrins.  They have a son in Goldenfields named Miros that may be able to help them track down Brash.  Unfortunately, the town could offer no more in the way of a reward.

With that, it was off to Goldenfields.



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